Picking your dream house can be a long and arduous process. When it comes to investing your hard-earned money in your dream home, you’ll need both preparation and due diligence to ensure you’re moving into a beautiful liveable space that your whole family will love. There are a number of factors to consider such as size, location, parking, and so much more. At the top of the list is the house’s condition.

Checking a prospective house’s condition doesn’t have to be complicated. As property inspection experts, here at CheckHome we’ve put together an organised, comprehensive house inspection checklist in a printable format for home buyers. This house inspection checklist will come in handy when visiting a potential new home. One should: (1) check off the items in good condition, and (2) make a note about any major or minor defects. This checklist will serve as a good record for when you’re reviewing your options before making an offer.

Please note that this checklist is for your personal use and for informational purposes only. It is not a home inspection report and cannot be relied upon to substitute a home inspection report. If you require a professional pre-purchase house inspection, contact the CheckHome Team at 0800 555 125 for qualified property inspection services.

Site and Grounds

  • Pathways and driveways undamaged and safe to walk on
  • Fences structurally sound, undamaged; no sign of rotting or termite damage
  • Proper drainage; no standing water
  • No visual pest damages
  • Landscaping and gardening in good condition
  • Veranda, balcony, and deck in good condition

Exterior Structure

  • Walls and wall cladding free of defect/damage
  • Paint/coating is well-maintained
  • Walls are free of mould or damp damage
  • Flashings, mouldings and sills for doors and windows free of defects
  • No vine growth on structure surface


  • Sheet roofing: free of corrosion
  • Roof free of bulging, sagging or movement
  • Gables free of defects/damage; paint/coatings in good condition
  • Roof gutters are free of decay or rust
  • Valleys drain effectively
  • No damage or stains on underside of roofing

Interior Space

  • Ceilings free of sagging, popping nails, cracking, and staining
  • Wall linings free of building, popping nails, cracking, dampness/staining, and vertical distortion
  • Floors free of movement, cracking, dampness/staining, and other damage
  • Windows operate freely, and are free of broken/cracked glass, damage to glazing seals, staining/corrosion
  • Door frames operate freely, are free from decay/corrosion and other damage
  • Doors and windows have security locks
  • Stairs: stringers, handrails, treads and risers sufficiently rigid


  • Kitchen benchtop free of lifting, delamination, water damage, and other damage
  • Kitchen cupboards free of water damage and musty odours
  • Cupboard doors and drawers operate freely, and are in good condition
  • Sinks/taps free of chips, cracks and/or water leaks
  • Water supply switch/taps operate and drain correctly


  • Cisterns/pans/bidets free of cracks and leakage, are correctly installed, and flush correctly
  • Taps free of leaks, water supply operates correctly
  • Toilets operate properly
  • Floor covering in good condition and water tight
  • Shower screen free of cracks and adequately sealed at the floor/wall
  • Shower tiles free of cracking
  • Area around the shower show no signs of leaking/seepage
  • Vanity basin, cabinet, and mirrors free of damage
  • Doors/drawers operate correctly
  • Room free of condensation damage, adequately ventilated


  • Interior and exterior lights tested and working
  • Alarm system available and working
  • Smoke alarms available
  • Plumbing generally in good condition, no evidence of leaks or stains
  • Electrical wiring generally in good condition
  • Sufficient insulation
  • Adequate ventilation

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