The search for a new home is always exciting, but it can be difficult to stop ourselves once we’ve made up our minds about a house we want. Everything can look like rainbows and butterflies to begin with, but when the rush settles down, disappointment can quickly sink in. This is why it’s essential to have a professional inspect a prospective home before you sign on the dotted line. A trained pair of eyes can give you a practical, objective look at any house you may want to invest in.

Not quite convinced you need a professional house inspection? Here are five reasons why a pre-purchase house inspection is an invaluable step in the property-purchase process.

1. Determines structural soundness

It’s highly unlikely that a house on the market could be so structurally unsound that it would be on the brink of collapse – but fortune rewards the cautious. A second-hand home is unlikely to produce a clean slate report. While it may look perfectly done-up on the outside, a residential building inspector is able to see whether there are any hidden defects that not everyone knows to look for, such as:

  • Rotting beams
  • Rusty roofs
  • Cracking walls
  • Rising damp
  • Much more.

If you do decide to employ the services of an inspector, they will provide a detailed report after they have determined if the property is structurally sound.

2. Estimates repair costs

Not every home is perfect, which means you will have to deal with any leftover damages and the repair costs associated with them – but only once the contract is signed and the deal is settled. Investing in a home also means investing in future maintenance and repairs, and these can be costly. When a property inspector finds defects, you can either have these defects fixed before you buy, or use them as a bargaining tool to negotiate the sale price.

3. Pinpoints any safety issues

Any structural damage can mean your family is at risk. You want to ensure your new home is a safe place to live in. A pre-purchase house inspection pinpoints any safety issues that may compromise your family’s safety. This includes revealing whether the house is free of dangerous substances such as asbestos, mould, mildew, and others.

Additionally, electrical and fire hazards need to be cleared. Bad wiring can contribute to a fire or possible electrocution, and faulty smoke detectors only make things worse. If anything, the peace of mind provided by a professional inspection will let you sleep easier at night knowing your family is as safe as possible.

4. Any additional structures are also inspected

The main house isn’t the only structure that needs to be inspected. Pre-purchase house inspections also cover the garage, shed, patio, deck, paths, driveways, fences, and other outside structures that come with the home. It’s necessary to ensure that these structures are safe and that they meet local council regulations.

5. Reveals the true value of the home

Without a pre-purchase house inspection, you cannot ascertain the true value of the home you’re about to invest in. More often than not, a house is valued far less than its asking price, and the only way a buyer can know this is with a thorough home inspection. Maintenance and energy costs, along with other repair issues as we’ve mentioned above, can often lead to a buyer purchasing an overvalued home. Don’t let this be you – when it comes time to commit to one of your biggest life investments, getting the best possible deal is in your best interest.

CheckHome – providing expert pre purchase home inspections all over New Zealand

Here at CheckHome, we believe in helping buyers make informed decisions, helping them protect their future investments. With extensive exposure to new builds, specialist renovations, and building extensions, you can trust that our reports will give you the information you need to help you make the right decision when choosing to purchase a home.

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