Covid 19 announcement

We hope you and your family have been safe over the lockdown period, this is a message to let you know CheckHome is currently taking bookings to start inspecting under level 3, our number one priority is the health & safety of our team and community.

Our team will be taking these measures:- When an inspection is scheduled our team will check that no one has been sick in the property or is self-isolating.

- When CheckHome sets up an appointment for the inspection we will inform the client-vendor and/or agent and any other occupants – of our team's requirements to safely undertake the inspection. This will likely include the need for the house to be vacated by everyone before the interior inspection takes place and the 2-meter physical distancing requirements.

- When we arrive at the property we will make a note of all people onsite on the day of the inspection. This information will help with the “tracking and tracing” process should it be found that someone on-site had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.
We will maintain the required physical distancing put in place to stop the spread of the virus – i.e. stay at least 2 meters from any other person.

- Our inspectors will set up all equipment outside of our vehicles, this will be wiped down prior to accessing the property, all disposable PPE equipment will go into a rubbish bag so this can be removed without potentially contaminating your vehicle.
We will sanitize our hands before and after the inspection, our inspectors will be wearing a mask and using gloves.
- Only the inspector is to be present in the dwelling at the time of inspection, the agent or vendor representative will need to be in there car or leave the property.


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NZ Moisture Testing | Checkhome

Inspection Service

Moisture Test


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Our non-invasive moisture tests will help identify elevated moisture levels throughout the home. Moisture testing is very important, it is used to identify leaking bathrooms, faulty plumbing, roof leaks and more.

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Inspection Service

Moisture Test


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Moisture inside your home can be a big problem, CheckHome can complete non-invasive...

Inspection Report Includes

Why moisture Test

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Moisture levels with/ or without any doubt are always best to be checked. Often, moisture is hard to detect without using specific tools. Our trained and experienced inspectors will complete a non-invasive moisture test, identifying any elevated moisture levels throughout the home. Moisture testing is essential to any house inspection, it can become costly if issues are ignored or it can lead to serious health issues if you are living in a damp house.

What the Moisture Test Includes

What the Moisture Test Includes

Your moisture test inspection will include a written PDF format report, containing photo evidence of moisture readings and problem areas.

We will also provide next steps if there is elevated moisture levels that have been identified.

Room By Room Testing

Room By Room Testing

If you don't want the whole house inspected you can get specific rooms tested. The report will be a condensed version to your allocated areas and it will be based on an hourly rate of $195 inc gst.

Moisture Inspection Cost

Moisture Inspection Cost

Prices for an a whole house moisture inspection start from $490 inc gst. Once we receive your booking form, we will be back in touch with the cost for your inspection.

Room by Room testing for specific areas will based on an hourly rate of $195 inc gst.

Moisture Test Questions

Moisture Test Questions

What is the next step if elevated moisture level are identified? 

If increased moisture levels are detected, the next step would be to complete invasive testing. This is done to confirm the moisture reading and location/cause. CheckHome can complete this and put clients in touch with a builder, plumber, roofer & painter for repairs if required. 

What is an acceptable moisture reading?

This depends on the type of moisture meter used. Currently we use; Trotect T660, Protimeter Surveymaster.

What is invasive moisture testing, and do I need this?

Invasive moisture testing is physically opening up areas, or around, a high moisture reading. You may need this if the non invasive moisture readings come back elevated. To complete this test it requires the owner's written permission.

Site Re-check Fee

Site Re-check Fee

Your engagement of CheckHome allows for one site visit per inspection. If, for any reason, you request an additional site visit, it will incur a site re-check fee. The amount of the site re-check fee is $195 (inc gst) per hour.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We realise unexpected circumstances may require booking adjustments or cancellations but please note that any changes must be made 24hrs prior to the inspection to avoid any fees.

If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your inspection is scheduled to take place, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of $195.

To avoid a cancellation fee, please provide notice at least 24 hours prior to your inspection. Please contact our admin team if you require this.

Booking Process

Pre Purchase Inspections 10

To book in your house inspection follow the steps below

  1. Fill out the ‘book now’ form.
  2. One of our friendly staff will get back to you with a time and cost.
  3. Once you accept the inspection cost and time our admin staff will get in touch with the key holder to arrange access if required.
  4. You will receive booking confirmation and invoice once the booking has successfully been arranged and confirmed.

Monolithic Houses

Pre Purchase Inspections 11

Unfortunately we do not inspect monolithic houses built between 1988-2005.


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If I fill in the ‘Book Now’ form from the website, is it automatically booked?

No, it is not. Once we receive the booking form, we will get back in touch with you to arrange a time that works for you. When you agree to that time, if required, we will get in touch with the key holder to arrange access to the property. A confirmation email will be sent shortly after that to let you know that a booking time has been arranged and that the booking has been confirmed.

Do I need to get in touch with the agent to arrange access to the property?

No, you do not need to get in touch with the agent. We will do this as sometimes we need to find a time that works for both of us. We will send you a confirmation email shortly after we have heard back from the agent.

Will there be a cancellation fee if I need to re-schedule?

No there will not be any fee to reschedule, however, we still do require as much notice as possible if you are wishing to do this.

I haven't received my report?

Sometimes due to circumstances out of our control the reports end up in junk/spam folders. Please make sure to check these folders if you haven't received your report. If you have still not received your report after checking, feel free to get in touch with our admin team who will be happy to help.

How do I get in touch with the inspector once I have received the report?

The inspector's details will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email and also their name and phone number is located on the front page of the report and on our website.

If I have any questions in regards to the report can I get in touch with the inspector to ask these questions?

Yes, you can get in touch with the inspector and ask any questions in regards to the report that you are unsure about.

Can I attend the inspection?

Yes, you can attend the inspection. The agent does need to be aware that you will be present at the time. This is to make sure that the homeowners will not be there at the time of inspection. We usually recommend coming towards the end of inspection so the inspector can give a you a good rundown.

Will the inspector call me after the inspection?

Yes, the inspector will call you after the inspection. Here they will give you a brief rundown of their findings and advise when you will receive the report.

How much will my pre purchase home inspection cost?

Prices start from $645 inc gst. This price increases depending on the property size and  if it is a multi unit property. Feel free to get in touch with the admin team for a quote.

What are my payment options?

You can pay via internet banking, our account details are located on the invoice. You can also pay by credit card/ debit card but please note that a 3% transaction fee will be charged if paying by this method. This fee is not collected by us, it is collected by Stripe, the payment providers we use.

How long do I have to pay my invoice?

You will have 7 days to pay from when you receive your invoice. If there are any issues with making payment on time, please contact our admin to avoid interest of 7% per month for all overdue accounts.

Do you have indemnity insurance?

Yes, we do.

Are your inspector's registered members of NZIBI?

Majority are, while the rest are in the process. You can view their profiles here

How does the 24hr turnaround work?

Pre-Purchase reports have a 24-hour turnaround on them. This means that you will receive your report within 24hrs after the inspection has been completed unless the inspector has indicated otherwise.

Do you do urgent same-day reports?

Yes, we do. If you request a same-day report this will incur an extra cost of $99 and you will receive it the evening of the same day the inspection was completed. Please let admin team know if this is required.

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