Covid 19 announcement

We hope you and your family have been safe over the lockdown period, this is a message to let you know CheckHome is currently taking bookings to start inspecting under level 3, our number one priority is the health & safety of our team and community.

Our team will be taking these measures:- When an inspection is scheduled our team will check that no one has been sick in the property or is self-isolating.

- When CheckHome sets up an appointment for the inspection we will inform the client-vendor and/or agent and any other occupants – of our team's requirements to safely undertake the inspection. This will likely include the need for the house to be vacated by everyone before the interior inspection takes place and the 2-meter physical distancing requirements.

- When we arrive at the property we will make a note of all people onsite on the day of the inspection. This information will help with the “tracking and tracing” process should it be found that someone on-site had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.
We will maintain the required physical distancing put in place to stop the spread of the virus – i.e. stay at least 2 meters from any other person.

- Our inspectors will set up all equipment outside of our vehicles, this will be wiped down prior to accessing the property, all disposable PPE equipment will go into a rubbish bag so this can be removed without potentially contaminating your vehicle.
We will sanitize our hands before and after the inspection, our inspectors will be wearing a mask and using gloves.
- Only the inspector is to be present in the dwelling at the time of inspection, the agent or vendor representative will need to be in there car or leave the property.


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Photo of a house from the outside facing the driveway.


What Our Building Inspections Cover

We examine all accessible aspects of the property from the roofing to the foundations, structural integrity, weather tightness and maintenance requirements.

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The exterior of a modern house. The time is dusk, so there are yellow lights on in the house.

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Our Inspection Services

24hour Turnaround

CheckHome provides a wide range of building inspection services, helping buyers, sellers and landlords determine the condition of the property. A detailed description of each service we provide can be found below.

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The exterior of a modern house. The time is dusk, so there are yellow lights on in the house.


Why it’s Important to get a Building Inspection

Assists in the sales process, helping buyers feel confident and certain about their purchase. We identify the amount of short/long term work required on the property.

When selling: shows transparency and honesty to potential buyers.

Allows you to know how safe the house is to purchase before making a potentially lifechanging investment.

It’s easier to negotiate and agree on the selling price, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Building inspections pay for themselves, saving our buyers and owners costly repairs down the road.

We provide long and short term solutions, providing recommendations that fit our clients budgets.

Inspections are quite often a bank and insurance requirement.


What are our customers saying?

We were incredibly impressed with Scott from CheckHome Wairarapa. Being first time buyers, we had some nerves about purchasing a property. Scott was friendly, professional, and extremely quick in providing such a detailed property inspection report. Don't take any chances, contact CheckHome! Highly recommended.

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Ben Hart



Nic, Jason and co provided an impressively quick turn around for our pre purchase builders report. The report was detailed and provided exactly the level of information needed. Could not recommend more highly.

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Jared Cunningham



Kieran's Assessment was a key part in making a winning tender offer, with the information from our inspection, we felt confident about the condition of the property, and have clarity going forwards regarding the work needed to maintain it.

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David Humphreys




What You Need to Know

How Does it Work?

  • Fill out our contact form with all your details and we will get in touch ASAP.

Can I Attend the Inspection?

  • Yes! Inspections usually take around 2 hours - an hour on the inside and an hour on the out. We’ll work with you and the agent to find a time that suits everyone best.

Can I Share the Report With Anyone?

  • Our Pre-Sale reports are completed for the vendor who has the option of sharing with any potential purchaser. With all of our other reports, our indemnity insurance only covers the person the report was issued to.

How Long Until I Get the Report?

  • Approximately 24 hours - please let us know if the report is urgent and we’ll try our best to get a same-day report out to you at no extra charge.