Villas were the most popular new home design in New Zealand from the 1860s through to World War 1.

The first Victorian villas were built completely with native timber, NZ villas were generally single storey detached buildings, although two-storey villas were common in affluent suburbs and parts of Wellington where land was scarce. With decorated verandas, high ceilings, small windows and wide hallways, they have been a part of Kiwi life for generations. It can be said though that the villa was built for appearances, meaning that there was more thought put into how it looked from the outside instead of how it functioned inside for the occupants themselves.

1. Foundations – piles, surface water and borer.

It’s common for older homes to have foundation issues. We check the foundations for cracks and signs of shifting.

2. Cladding + windows – timber and paint condition

We ensure the condition of the timber in the cladding and windows are in good working order and have been well painted and sealed.

3. Services – re-plumber and re-wired – important for insurance

If the house has old pipes, they may need replacing due to mineral build up, leaks or corrosion.

Many old homes have their original wiring which can pose a potential fire hazard – especially near or in the roof where it’s likely to be covered by insulation. We can help assess if the house’s wiring is outdated.

4. Interior – any scrim still in the walls? – important for insurance

Scrim is a fire risk and insurance companies will want to know it has been removed.

5. Roof – has it been replaced?

We check the full condition on the roof including the nails. On older homes it can be common for the seals to be at the end of their life so we check for any parts that may be popping up.