Spring is here and we all know what that means: the time to spring clean and get on with regular property maintenance has finally arrived. Once the warmer days become more frequent, taking care of our homes and property investments should be at the top of our priority list.

If you’re gearing up for a regular property or house inspection, then you’ve come to the right place. The residential building inspectors here at CheckHome have created a comprehensive regular property maintenance checklist so you can cover all your bases. Print out this page and start doing the rounds!

Insulation and heating
– Insulation layers should have no mould, dampness, or gaps
– Insulation should comply with minimum R-values and new insulation standards
– The furnace or fireplace should be inspected and serviced
– Get your HVAC system or heat pump inspected and/or serviced
– Ensure heating vents are open and not obstructed e.g. by furniture

– All lighting fixtures should be tested and working
– Power points should be safely tested
– Ensure the alarm system works
– Check the mains power and fuse box for potential wiring issues

– Check for signs of mould and damp near windows, on ceilings and walls
– Ensure windows open and close smoothly while staying safe and secure
– Kitchen and bathroom vents or extractor fans and filters should be clean and in good working condition
– Inspect or service any mechanical ventilation systems

Plumbing and drainage
– Inspect plumbing for leaks
– Check the exterior drainage
– Look out for puddling or ponding
– Clean out the gutters of leaves or sediment
– Check if toilets flush correctly
– Flush out toilets in unused areas of the house

– Air out the mattresses
– Clean or swap the curtains
– Clean out the cupboards
– Check grouts in bathrooms and kitchens
– Look out for worn carpeting and cracked paint
– Tighten handles, knobs, racks, etc.
– Oil hinges for cupboards, doors, etc.
– Check all locks and deadbolts on doors and windows

Appliance checks
– Vacuum refrigerator coils
– Clean out the washing machine
– Ensure all appliances are clean and running smoothly
– Wipe down electric fans
– Deep clean the oven
– Defrost the fridge
– Check smoke alarm batteries and replace if needed

Exterior structure and repairs
– Check if the paint is chipped
– Look for any holes in the bricks
– Check the foundation for cracks
– Repair or replace damaged window screens
– Wash the deck or patio and check for any loose boards
– Clean the garage
– Check the exterior pavement for cracks
– Get the roof checked for damages or defects

Maintaining the lawn or backyard
– Clear dead plants or shrubs
– Trim trees to ensure they don’t interfere with electric lines
– Check if plants have gone into cracks or holes on the exterior of the house

Looking for a professional house inspection?
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