We understand you may not have got a chance to get everything you need over this time in isolation. Including all the building materials to finish off those jobs around your home including – paint, wood, tools and nails etc. However, we have put together some ideas not requiring many materials and which will help fill up some time and also benefit your home.

  1. Clean out your heat pump filters

Taking out the filters and using your vacuum cleaner to clean them – if you’re not sure how to get your filters out there are some great youtube videos depending on your make and model.

2. Wash down the exterior of your home

This may mean using what you can find around the home – even a sponge will do but try to get any cobwebs off plus mould that could have built up over the past months.

3. Clear gutters

Ensure you are safe to do so but clearing out all the gutters is an important maintenance item especially going into winter. This will help ensure the rainwater from your roof is drained away correctly preventing blockages and overflowing which can potentially damage your cladding.

4. Ventilate your home

This is a great opportunity to ventilate your home – open as many windows as possible to get airflow through your home. Or if you have a moisture system in the home make sure it’s working – the filters may also need a clean.

5. Clear vegetation

Have a good look around the exterior of your home and cut back or remove any vegetation. This will protect your exterior cladding from moss build-up, cladding deterioration and the chance of moisture ingress.

6. Check extractor fans

Have a look at your bathroom and kitchen extractor fans – make sure they are getting used to keep moisture out of these areas. The filters may also need a good clean so worth taking a look.

7. Check your insulation

If you have insulation in your ceiling space or under the floor, check for any holes or gaps and take note of what will be needed to improve these areas when you are able to purchase more.

8. Clean shower drains

When was the last time your shower drain was cleaned? This can easily get blocked by hair and soap build-up. Cleaning out your S trap or easy waste will improve drainage and in the worst case remove that smell from your waste pipe.

9. Empty out your fireplace

Before the cold weather hits, now is a perfect time to clean out your firebox. This will make your fire more efficient and improve heat output. Once cleaned take note of the condition of your fire bricks and door seal – these may need replacing if they are damaged or missing.

10. Test your smoke alarms

Now is an important time to change your smoke alarm batteries, ensure all smoke alarms are working and you have a sufficient amount throughout your dwelling –  there should be a smoke alarm either within three metres of each bedroom door or in every room where a person sleeps. If you live in a multi-storey home, they need to be on all levels.

11. Clean mouldy surfaces

If there is mould on your windows, in the bedrooms and wet areas of the dwelling, now is a good time to clean these areas with a sufficient mould killer. This will help create a healthier home to live in during the colder months and can actually reduce the chance of getting sick.

12. Water blast and clean decks and paths

If there is mildew and moss on your decking and path areas this will cause slipperiness when wet and can be a safety hazard, water blasting and cleaning these surfaces will ensure these areas remain safe to walk upon during the wetter months.

13. Clean your sill drains on windows and doors

Typically with colder weather condensation is more prevalent on the inside of your windows and doors, if your joinery has an internal sill drain ensure this is not blocked to ensure all condensation moisture can be drained away correctly. If you have older joinery in place ensure the timber sills are well painted to help protect the timber from condensation damage.

14. Adjust your kitchen cabinetry doors and drawers

If your cabinetry doors and drawers bind on each other and do not close correctly you can easily rectify these with just a screwdriver. Usually, you can adjust the door hinges and drawer faces to allow gaps between each component allowing them to close correctly. Youtube has some great videos on this.

15. Pest control

Resetting your traps in the roof space and subfloor, also spraying for cockroaches and ants now will help prevent rodents and bugs in your house.

If you have questions about any maintenance items please feel free to contact us.