Covid 19 announcement

We hope you and your family have been safe over the lockdown period, this is a message to let you know CheckHome is currently taking bookings to start inspecting under level 3, our number one priority is the health & safety of our team and community.

Our team will be taking these measures:- When an inspection is scheduled our team will check that no one has been sick in the property or is self-isolating.

- When CheckHome sets up an appointment for the inspection we will inform the client-vendor and/or agent and any other occupants – of our team's requirements to safely undertake the inspection. This will likely include the need for the house to be vacated by everyone before the interior inspection takes place and the 2-meter physical distancing requirements.

- When we arrive at the property we will make a note of all people onsite on the day of the inspection. This information will help with the “tracking and tracing” process should it be found that someone on-site had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.
We will maintain the required physical distancing put in place to stop the spread of the virus – i.e. stay at least 2 meters from any other person.

- Our inspectors will set up all equipment outside of our vehicles, this will be wiped down prior to accessing the property, all disposable PPE equipment will go into a rubbish bag so this can be removed without potentially contaminating your vehicle.
We will sanitize our hands before and after the inspection, our inspectors will be wearing a mask and using gloves.
- Only the inspector is to be present in the dwelling at the time of inspection, the agent or vendor representative will need to be in there car or leave the property.


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CheckHome currently has a successful franchise in Christchurch and another starting in Taranaki.



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It’s the Kiwi dream, to be your own boss and to own your own business. Owning a home based business that gives you freedom, flexibility and a great lifestyle can seem impossible in the current economic climate. If you would like to start a successful business that doesn’t require putting in 60-70 hours, Checkhome could be the perfect opportunity for you.

You might have heard that most new businesses fail within the first 3 years. That’s a sad statistic, but there is some good news – franchised businesses have a 3-year survival rate of 94% (2001 Survey of Franchising – National Bank & NZ 
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